Marathon Israel and Gezer Regional Council invite you to

the first Beaujolais race in Israel!


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The Beaujolais race comes to Israel

Run, drink, enjoy!

Early morning. A breeze caresses your face. The sun has just risen and you’re on the starting line of the kind of race like you’ve never experienced before in Israel. All around you are runners in colorful costumes, laughing, dancing along kilometer after kilometer.

At the water stations you can enjoy cups of wine and more wine and even cheeses. And there’s more wine awaiting you at the finish line. There are no pacers, no competition, only good friends and lots of fun.

Close your eyes for a moment. Can you feel it?

The Beaujolais Race is characterized by a festive, colorful and fun atmosphere with international chic!

They say the French know how to live well and the traditional Beaujolais Race, which celebrates the opening of the young wine, proves that they also know how to enjoy running. The Beaujolais event is the newest addition to Marathon Israel’s unique  running events, celebrating running and drinking unlike any other race.

The course passes between vineyards in the vast areas of the Gezer Regional Council. Throughout the course you will find refreshment stations offering some of the country’s best wines alongside the water, you will dance at spontaneous parties accompanied by music, wine and cheese. With every passing kilometer the great vibes just get better!


Half Marathon du Beaujolais Israel​

Thursday 3.10
Event opening

The event will begin with the traditional wine festival "Vineyard Experience".

At the festival you will get a taste of the best wineries of the Gezer Council, enjoy a performance and a pre-race atmosphere.

* The Entrance Is Free Of Charge


Race Day


Barkan Winery @ Hulda

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Reserve 21km

  • DATE: 4.10
  • START TIME: 6:30
  • RACE LENGTH : 2.5 Hours To CutOff
  • STARTING POINT : Hulda- Barkan Winery

Classic 12km

  • DATE: 4.10
  • START TIME: 7:00
  • RACE LENGTH : 2.5 Hours To CutOff
  • STARTING POINT : Hulda- Barkan Winery

Terreur 5km

  • DATE: 4.10
  • START TIME: 7:30
  • RACE LENGTH : 2 Hours To CutOff
  • STARTING POINT : Hulda- Barkan Winery


Wedensday \\ 2.10.2019

  • Pack Distrabution - Barkan Winery

Thursday \\ 3.10.2019

  • Race Pack distribution and Vineyard Experience festival, Barkan Winery

Friday \\ 4.10.2019

  • 5:00 - Opening + EXPO
  • 6:30 - Launch 21 Km Race
  • 7:00 - Launch 12 Km Race
  • 7:30 - Launch 5 Km Race
  • farmer's market at finish line
  • 09:45 - Graduation & Awards ceremony For "Best Costume"
* might be changes in the scheduale
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Number of participants is Limited

Information About The Wineries

The first Israeli Beaujolais race passes – as expected – through vineyards and wineries in the Gezer Regional Council, known for its rich soil that enhances the grapes.

Winery owners will host runners at the water stations throughout the run and will be happy to serve the wines which they are proud of.

Meet our partners of the happiest race ever :

Barkan Winery

Thanks to its vast variety of grapes and growing areas, fermentation methods and over 5000 oak barrels of various types, Barkan Winery is truly a “paradise for wine lovers”.

In 2000, a new and sophisticated winery was built in Kibbutz Hulda, equipped with the most advanced means of production including labs, a large container farm, a filling and storage center and a marketing and logistics center.
Kibbutz Hulda. Kosher.

Bravdo Winery

A boutique winery, owned by Prof. Ben Ami Bravdo and Prof. Oded Shoseyov, who produce wine known throughout the

country and the world.
Located on Route 44, near Karmei Yosef. (Kosher)

Red Poetry Winery

A family boutique winery owned by the couple Dubi & Orna Tal, who continue a family lineage of love of wine that has been passed down through generations.

Located on Route 44, at the foot of Tel Gezer. (Non Kosher)

Bin Nun Winery

A boutique winery owned by Dr. Danny Yaniv, a doctor by profession, who was captivated by the charms of the wine world.

Located in the village of Ben Nun. (Kosher)

Herzberg Winery

Owned by Prof. Max Herzberg of Moshav Sitriya. Wines are produced in the traditional fashion, using natural growth methods, then aged in an oak barrels in the best French tradition. (Kosher)

Bazak Winery

A family winery built in the basement of the Bazak  home in Carmei Yosef. Founded by Hanan Bazak, with the help of Shlomo Cohen, who was the director of the Israel Wine Institute, the family owns about 400,000sqm of vineyards for wine and eating, as well as olive trees.

Carmei Yosef


A small boutique winery that was established by Shmulik & Hadar Ovadia following a wine course at the Sorek School, where they continue to produce their finest wines.

Carmei Yosef. Non Kosher.

Brown Winery

Owned by Daniel & Dina Brown of Kfar Shmuel, who produce wine from grapes and other fruit. The couple continue their family tradition of winemaking from a small village in Slovakia.

Kfar Shmuel. Kosher


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